Lockdown 2021

In order to keep in touch during national lockdown Viva ran some digital theatre projects for people to get involved in from their homes!
From Now On

To mark the 1 year anniversary of lockdown Viva members old and new got together to produce a musical number from The Greatest Showman and uploaded it to YouTube. Members of all ages filmed themselves at home singing and dancing and, using online technology, they were brought together in an emotional performance. The original backing track was performed by professional musicians who all gave their time to the project for free. Promising “We will come back home!” the video premiered on YouTube on 22nd March 2021.


In June Viva made its first foray into radio, via a streamed radio play version of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror Frankenstein!  By fusing the traditions of a radio play with the latest in video editing, a crack team of Viva volunteers produced a unique streaming experience for audiences to ‘watch’ or just ‘listen to’ while taking an occasional peek at the performers and sound effects.

The play was rehearsed via zoom then each actor recorded their individual performances using green screen technology.  More than 500 individual sound and video files were edited together into a seamless production. None of the actors ever met during recording, and had to act and react to the other actors who were never actually there.  Sound effects were recorded in real time, with adverts and radio jingles, all edited in to create a complete performance.  The entire show was enriched by an incredible original score by local composer Joseph Hall. In keeping with the horror genre, and radio play traditions, the performers adapted their style for a more melodramatic effect, with some incredible individual performances.

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