Protection/Safeguarding Children Policy

  • All involved in the work of Viva Youth Theatre are called to recognise the unique status of children. There is a special need to respect them as individuals and protect them in their vulnerability. All children matter in their own right and are to be taken seriously. (‘Children’ refers to young people of 16 years of age or younger.)
  • The organisation should endeavour to foster relationships of the utmost integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness. All who work with children within the group in any paid or voluntary capacity need to operate within our framework of good policy and practice, which will ensure that children are safeguarded and nurtured physically and emotionally. All are expected to exercise the greatest care in their use of power and authority, and must avoid taking advantage of trust. All groups will have adequate adult leadership from individuals who have been DBS checked and/or have become licensed chaperones. Adults will not work alone with children.
  • The highest professional standards will be maintained in all pastoral, counselling, educational, rehearsal and recreational situations. The exploitation of any relationship for self-gratification will not be tolerated.
  • Viva Youth Theatre accepts the principle enshrined in the Children Act 1989 that the welfare of the child is paramount. Viva will follow with CCC recommendations regarding child protection procedures as shown here.
  • Allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and appropriate steps will be taken.
  • Viva Youth Theatre will collaborate fully with the statutory and voluntary agencies concerned with child abuse.
  • All those working or seeking to work with children will be properly recruited, trained and supported, and will be subject to whatever supervision is appropriate.
  • All candidates for employment will be asked to declare whether they have any criminal convictions or whether certain types of orders of the civil courts have been made against them, and whether they have caused significant harm to a child or put a child at risk of significant harm.
  • The following will be asked to complete and submit the confidential declaration form, which forms part of the Child Protection Folder:
    • All paid staff and volunteers working or seeking to work in a capacity which involves work with children or which is likely to involve opportunities for unsupervised contact with them.
  • A search with the Disclosure and Barring Service will be made for all candidates seeking work as paid staff or volunteers, and will be a condition of their employment.
  • Any person wishing to engage in photography of any description, including video, at a Viva event, must register their details and gain permission from an appropriate Viva designated volunteer or Viva trustee before carrying out any such activity. This includes parents of Viva child performers. Persons other than parents, Viva employees, trustees, or bona fide members of the press must provide evidence of their identity and position before any consideration can be given.
  • When there are concerns about the welfare of any child/young person, all adults are expected to share those concerns with the Safeguarding Lead as soon as possible.
  • The Safeguarding Lead is responsible for arranging child protection training for Viva staff and volunteers, recording and monitoring concerns, making referrals to social care services where necessary and liaison with other agencies as required. He/she will be responsible for keeping up-to-date with any local or national change in child protection policy or process.

Prevent works to stop individuals from getting involved or supporting terrorism or extremist activity.

Prevent strategy has three objectives:

  • Challenging the ideology that support terrorism and those who promote these ideas.
  • Protecting vulnerable people.
  • Supporting sectors and groups where there are risks of radicalisation. Viva will ensure that processes are in place to protect members against this and alert the correct agencies if an issue should arise.

Relevant Document: Revised Prevent Duty Guidance for England and Wales

Procedures we follow
Contact the Safeguarding Lead Trustee here

Policy Reviewed and amended February 2020.
Review Date: February 2021.

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